Mixed Instrumentation Trio

Residue (May 2018)

Violin, Piano, and Soprano, (7:00)

Written for New Music on the Point 2018

Premiered by Yaz Lancaster, Tony Arnold, and Annie Jeng, Vermont

June 18, 2018

Insecurities (May 2018)

Soprano Sax., Soprano, and Two Triangles (3:00)

Written for New Music on the Point 2018

Read by NMOP Fellows Ensemble, Vermont

June 8, 2018

As not to be confused with someone else. (June 2016)

Two percussionists and piano, (9:30)

Written for Yarn/Wire Institute 2016

Premiered by Yarn/Wire Institute fellows, Staller Center Recital Hall, Stony Brook, NY

July 15, 2016


Mosaic (March 2016)

Trombone, viola, and piano, (5:30)

Premiered by Linea ensemble, Bellefield Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

April 4, 2016

Machines (January 2016)

Piccolo, clarinet, and bassoon, (5:00)

Premiered by Ovrearts ensemble, Heinz Chapel, Pittsburgh, PA

January 21, 2016

Broadcast by WQED’s Performance in Pittsburgh

February 5, 2016

Sun Shower (February 2011)

Tenor saxophone, horn, and trumpet, (5:00)