New Work for The Living Earth Show:

For Kristina (October 2017)

Originally commissioned by the UC Davis Revisions Festival 2018 for The Living Earth Show, this piece’s title comes from the first friend I ever made at UC Davis, Kristina Finseth. We met blindfolded on a dark and fateful night. Fear and anticipation mixed together as we introduced ourselves, blindly waiting for the event to begin. But, as soon as our blindfolds were off we were moved apart. I only remembered her voice and the darkness of the night. (Later, I heard her voice and recognized it and asked her to be my friend. She had no idea what she was getting into when she accepted. It’s been 8 years, there is no going back.) There is a sense of noise and oscillation that permeates this piece. It comes from my memories of that night, listening and talking together above the din of other voices and the quiet rumble of traffic.


American Gothic.jpg

The Living Earth Show:

Called “outstanding” by the San Francisco Chronicle, “transcendent” by the Charleston City Paper, and “a fully distorted perpetual motion of awesome” by I Care If You Listen, The Living Earth Show (guitarist Travis Andrews and percussionist Andy Meyerson) is a megaphone and canvas for some of the world’s most progressive artists. A chamber duo of electric guitar and percussion at its core, the ensemble uses contemporary chamber and experimental music as tools with which composers and other artistic collaborators can craft and realize their most ambitious creative visions. One of the premiere contemporary music ensembles in the United States, The Living Earth Show has commissioned and premiered over 50 new works, released two critically acclaimed albums, and has performed, lectured, and given masterclasses across the country. 

Memorizing every work it performs, The Living Earth Show thrives on pushing the boundaries of technical and artistic possibility in its presentation of commissioned electro-acoustic chamber music, operas, ballets, and multimedia productions.   The organization is devoted to working with both established classical composers and musical artists generally excluded from the traditional classical music establishment in equal measure, creating a rich and diverse repertoire designed to reflect and respond to the world in which the music exists.  The Living Earth Show also performs in and co-directs COMMANDO, a musical collective dedicated to presenting aggressively queer rap-metal.