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Meal 1 by Dinner Party Ensemble

Join us for an evening of music where bodies are recognized and absurd is sometimes observed.

Our concert program to wet your appetite:

Witford Brimley and his Robot Dog seize Burger King in a Bloodless Coup-Jessie Marino
Photism (World Premiere) - Yaz Lancaster
And How Many Inches Was Her Knife? (World Premiere) - Larkin Babbitt
cycle24 -Cullyn D. Murphy
mini_007-Paul Pinto
Calculator Party (World Premiere) - Laura Schwartz
Laughter Studies 1- by Louis d'Heudieres

Meal 1 is presented by Dinner Party Ensemble, an ensemble that was formed to have a rotating dinner party before each rehearsal, but after one successful dinner party they decided to just have regular rehearsals instead. Dinner Party Ensemble is Laura Schwartz, Hannah Marie Standiford, Anna Knapp, and Cullyn Murphy.

Later Event: April 14
Composers' Concert