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University of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: Murmur

Pitt's Symphony Orchestra presents "Murmur" by graduate composer Laura Schwartz, Dvorak's famous "New World Symphony", and music by Satie, Debussy, and Tison Street.


Program Note

In Murmur the string orchestra and xylophone surrounds the audience placing them within a giant circle. All of Murmur’s musical materials stem from the sound of a percussionist’s egg shaker drawing circles against a xylophone. The bigger the xylophone circle the more notes that are contained in the string parts. The egg shaker sound is also emulated throughout the strings in soft plunks and plinks of the wood of the bow against the strings. As well as, the orchestral acoustic surround sound mimics the circular motion in the xylophone. If you listen closely, you can hear gestures moving around the orchestra.