New work for Kamratōn

She Score's Concert Series:

An Anatomical Study on Escape (February 2018)

An Anatomical Study on Escape is a musical question. It examines how the changes in time-based structures like pulse, gesture, or notion form time experience. As another piece of the time experience puzzle, the video’s pulse is controlled by the sound produced by the performers as they shift through different modes of time. The piece starts at the most disassembled and abstracted form of each performer’s voice and moves towards a vocal reality. The imagery in the video mirrors the musical process by starting out as an abstracted form of representation and moving into reality.




Our Mission

Kamratōn exists to challenge the boundaries of music performance, expand the contemporary chamber music repertoire, and celebrate the role of women as leaders in the arts. 

Now in its third season, Kamratōn aims to challenge the boundaries of music performance and expand the contemporary chamber music repertoire. Through collaboration with local composers, Kamratōn presents an array of unique and innovative chamber works to produce a rich and dynamic concert-going experience. The collective has commissioned and premiered works by numerous composers, and continues to expand the chamber repertoire for subsets of its mixed instrumentation. 

Kamratōn is an all female collective made up of a dynamic group of young musicians. Read all about us on our Meet the Musicians page!