Perennial for microtonally tuned guitar

For Monck’s Miniatures (December 2018)

Perennial is an exploration of microtonal harmonics. Recorded on March 20, 2019. Released to Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube on March 27, 2019.

It is part of an upcoming collaboration of a set of of pieces for Monck on guitar.

About Monck’s Miniatures

“monck’s miniatures is a short form collaborative commissioning project. using instagram’s time limit of under sixty seconds, a composer writes a brand new and very short morsel of music and i play it. “

-Jamie Monck

Jamie Monck

from banging on pots and pans with chopsticks to clamoring for attention on a plastic toy guitar, classical guitarist jamie monck’s music begins from a place of exploration and creativity. an advocate for pieces off the beaten path (and also the bach chaconne), monck’s expansive repertoire has been described by eliot fisk as “brave.” much of his repertoire seeks to reimagine musical structures and ideas that came before us, demanding both the performer and the listener to consider their past experiences and memories through sound. a believer that life is not meant to be lived alone monck often shares the stage with his peers. be it schubert’s “arpeggione sonata” with cello, maw’s “six interiors” with tenor or his duo with dear pal and fellow guitarist ciyadh wells performing music of living composers from the western hemisphere, jamie believes that a healthy dose of chamber music is an essential part of any musician’s diet. in addition to pumping nylon jamie loves flowers, long pensive walks, fc barcelona, chopin’s op. 35, nineteenth century russian novels, jackson pollock, the scent of lavender, sunshine, tacos, and pups.