Electric Fan

Unaccompanied Solos


A Rotating Apparatus (September 2015-Revised July 2016) |fan and performer| (3:00)

Premiered by Robert Frankenberry| In Pittsburgh, PA| April 8, 2017

Small Mixed Ensemble (3-5)


As not to be confused with someone else. (June 2016) |two percussionists and piano | (9:30)

Written for Yarn/Wire Institute 2016

Premiered by Yarn/Wire Institute fellows| At Staller Center Recital Hall, Stony Brook, NY| July 15, 2016



Fictions III (February 2015) |piccolo, hi-hat, snare drum, toms, and box fan| (9:30)

Premiered by Sarah Pyle and ISU Percussion Quartet| At ISU, University Galleries, Normal, IL| March 5, 2015