Anna Knapp

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Anna Knapp is a Ph.D. student in Musicology at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research interests deal broadly with affect, aesthetics, and ecocriticism particularly in music for film and television and in the nineteenth century. She is interested in the phenomenon that is the serialized television musical as well music and mountains. Knapp received a BM in Musicology with a minor in Russian Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. When not musicking she prefers to spend time in the woods admiring lichen or knitting on a cozy couch.

Cullyn D. Murphy

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Born in a time where music presumably existed with or without him, Cullyn D. Murphy (b.1993) is a composer, "performer," and friend to many. New York Times describes him as "[redacted]" while the Chicago Tribune "wish[ed] not to comment." Murphy's interests outside of music include magnets, writing instructions for a variety of furniture pieces, and DANGER. Upcoming projects include starting the math-rock band "this is what big words are for", a clarinet solo for marimba, and an opera based on the alleged conspiracy in late February 1861 to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln known as "The Baltimore Plot" for an elementary school in Chicago.

Hannah Standiford

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Hannah Standiford is PhD student in Ethnomusicology. Her work focuses on a style of traditional Indonesian music called keroncong and the way it intersects with national identity and nostalgia. Her first exposure to this style of music was in 2014 when she spent a year living in Solo, Java with the support of a Darmasiswa scholarship. When she returned, Hannah created a keroncong group called Rumput in collaboration with Dr. Andrew McGraw, which performs internationally and collaborates with master artists from Java and Bali. In 2017, Hannah returned to Java to study this music more deeply with the support of a Critical Language Enhancement Award and a Fulbright Student Research Fellowship. She has presented her work at the 5th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on the Performing Arts of Southeast Asia 2018 and the Fulbright Student Enrichment Conference 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.

Laura Schwartz

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Laura Schwartz enjoys destroying every object in her house in the pursuit of sounds. (^.~) Her recent causalities include: 3 baking pans, 3 graphing calculators, 2 electric fans, and a small baggie of pennies. She regularly performs on amplified electric fan (although not for the Meal 1 concert). :’( As a composer, the music she writes explores written notation as a facilitator of a performer’s own creativity and self-formation. She writes music to create an experience that playfully resonates with curiosity. <(=^x^=)> She attended the University of California, Davis (B.A. in Music 2013), Illinois State University (M.M. in Composition 2015), and the University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D. in Composition and Theory 2019). :D!